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Chemform Envirocare One Shot Laundry Concentrate Powder 10kg

Chemform Envirocare One Shot Laundry Concentrate Powder 10kg


One shot laundry concentrate powder  




Until recently, traditional washing powders have only been effective in hot water washing.  The introduction of synthetic fibers, great use of coloured textiles and the need to reduce energy costs (wash temperature and time) are all factors in driving wash temperatures lower. Envirocare offers efficient performance on all fabric, colours and whites in cold water washing with the added advantage of dual bleaching power and chemical disinfection, from a single product.  


Features & Benefits


 Wash Cycle times are reduced which has the added benefit of reducing water, energy, labour and increasing laundry efficiency.

 ENVIROCARE meets the performance criteria of AS/NZS 4146:2000 for chemical disinfection in laundries, even at temperatures as low as 20ºC.  Refer overleaf for test results summary.

 ENVIROCARE reduces water consumption in the wash cycle and reduces the number of discharges which helps protect our waterways and environment.

 ENVIROCARE cleans, brightens, bleaches and disinfects in a single operation.

 ENVIROCARE contains new generation additives and bleach activators which swiftly remove soils and oil stains from synthetic fibres and cottons.

 ENVIROCARE restores brightness to whites and coloured linen.  ENVIROCARE removes stains gently, yet thoroughly and eliminates the need of a separate bleach cycle.

 ENVIROCARE is a concentrated product which contains no inert fillers.

 ENVIROCARE can eliminate the need for cumbersome liquid feed systems in commercial laundries.

 ENVIROCARE does not contain harsh chemicals and is safe to use on delicate drip-dry and permanent press fabrics.

 ENVIROCARE is a low foaming product – the suds level is controlled to minimise rinse cycles and save water.  


Use Directions

ENVIROCARE may be used on cottons and synthetics, coloured and whites.  It should not be used to treat woolens.   Always pre-dissolve ENVIROCARE in water in the washing machine before adding the linen (to prevent staining).  

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