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Chemform Brewer's Own Oxysan Peroxyacetic Acid Sanitiser 25LT

Chemform Brewer's Own Oxysan Peroxyacetic Acid Sanitiser 25LT


Chemform Brewer's Own Oxysan Peroxyacetic Acid Sanitiser 20LT



Brewer’s Own Oxysan is a fast acting, non-foaming sanitiser compromising a stabilised blend of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. Brewer’s Own Oxysan is Ideal for the brewery, beverage, dairy and food processing industries.


Features and Benefits

 Very effective against most microorganisms.

 Works quickly even at ambient temperature.

 Oxysan will not corrode or absorb onto stainless steel.

 Non-foaming.  Environmentally safe sanitiser.

 Does not require post-disinfection rinse.

 Versatile product: may be used in C.I.P. systems, swabbed onto surfaces or fogged.

 Safe for septic tanks and sewerage treatment plants, will not affect aerobic activity in industrial settling ponds and will not be detrimental to marine life when used in accordance with label directions.


Use Directions

Clean with ALKALI CLEAN in accordance with label instructions.

Use Oxysan solutions within one hour of dilution. Discard left-over solutions. Dose rate: 2-5mL Oxysan per litre of water at 20°C. This will kill bacteria in 1 - 5 minutes, yeasts and moulds in up to 60 minutes. Allow product to drain after use and allow to dry, rinsing is not required.


Safety Information

Brewer’s Own Oxysan is classified as HAZARDOUS according to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) criteria of Safe Work Australia and is classified as a DANGEROUS GOOD according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.


Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more or consult your Chemform representative for further assistance.

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