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Chemform Power Pack Carpet Shampoo 5LT

Chemform Power Pack Carpet Shampoo 5LT


Destainer, whitener, sanitiser
Oxy P is stable in its powdered form, yet on dissolving in water, it releases a safe oxygen bleach suitable for use on a wide range of fabrics (including coloureds and synthetics). It is a powerful destainer for melamine and crockery.


Features & Benefits

  • The only bleach suitable for coloured fabrics. Suitable for use on a wide range of fabrics including wool, viscose, rayon, cotton, linen and resin finished fabrics.
  • Contains a bleach activator to boost performance in both warm and hot water.
  • Does not react with “Hibitane” to produce unsightly staining of hospital linen.
  • Rapidly and efficiently kills germs and all other micro-organisms.
  • Is not retained in the fibres and eliminates the use of an anti-chlor.
  • Oxy P is totally safe for septic tanks and sewerage treatment plants when used in accordance with label directions.

Use Directions
Oxy P may be used effectively in cold water, but for best results, a temperature of 45-60°C is recommended.

As a laundry bleach

Add 6-8 grams of Oxy P per kilo of dry weight washed.

As a pre-soak for nappies and stained linen

Dissolve ½ scoop of Oxy P in 10 litres of warm water. Immerse fabric in the solution and leave for a few hours or overnight.

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