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Chemform Clear Machine Glass Washing Detergent 5LT

Chemform Clear Machine Glass Washing Detergent 5LT


Brand: Chemform Product:

Clear Machine Glass Washing Detergent



Clear is a high-performance 2-in-1 polycarbonate and glassware cleaner specifically designed for use in glass washing machines. This powerful detergent effectively cleans and revitalizes glassware, leaving it sparkling clean and free from residue.


Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with All Glass Washing Machines: Clear can be used in all types of glass washing machines, making it versatile and suitable for various commercial settings.

  • Exceptional Cleaning Power: Clear delivers outstanding cleaning performance, ensuring that glassware is thoroughly cleaned and free from stains, streaks, and residues.

  • Low Foaming and Free Rinsing: This detergent is formulated to produce low foam, preventing excessive sudsing during the wash cycle. It rinses easily, leaving no traces behind.

  • Preserves Beer Glass Quality: Clear is specifically designed not to affect the head or foam retention of beer glasses, maintaining the quality and presentation of the beverage.

  • Safe for Polycarbonate Glassware: Clear is safe to use on polycarbonate glassware, ensuring effective cleaning without causing damage or cloudiness.

  • Environmentally Friendly: The formulation of Clear is environmentally preferable, as it does not contain phosphates and is septic safe. It is classified as a non-dangerous good according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.


Use Directions:

For glass washing machines with an inlet feed line, insert the glass washer detergent inlet feed line into the Clear bottle so that it rests on the bottom. Follow the machine's instructions to prime the feed line and ensure that the liquid is being drawn up during the wash cycle.

Safety Data Sheet:

To access the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Clear, please click on the provided link to download the document. The SDS contains detailed information about the product's composition, handling, storage, and safety precautions.

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