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Chemform Destainer #13 Thinkened Bleach 750ml

Chemform Destainer #13 Thinkened Bleach 750ml


Brand: Chemform

Thickened bleach - removes dirt, mould, stains and kills germs

Features & Benefits

  • Combines, in a single product, a cleaner and chlorine disinfectant. Surfaces treated with De-Stainer 13 are left clean and germ free.
  • Excellent cleaning properties enable De-Stainer 13 to cut through difficult soils and stains.
  • De-Stainer 13 is particularly effective in removing unsightly fungus and mould.
  • De-Stainer 13 is specially thickened to enable it to cling to vertical surfaces for maximum contact time.

Use Directions:

  • Do NOT mix with any other product. Mixing with other products may produce toxic chlorine gas.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation when using product, vapour may be harmful.
  • Do not mix with hot water.
  • De-Stainer 13 will bleach fabrics. Avoid contact.
  • Do not use on metal surfaces.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes as product is alkaline and corrosive. Wear protective gloves and eye protection when mixing or using.

Undiluted: To disinfect, remove stains, dirt and mould from shower recesses, tiles, toilets, chopping boards, hard surfaces and plastic rubbish bins. Squirt onto soiled area, spread evenly and agitate. Allow to act for minimum of 5 -10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Diluted: To clean and kill germs in bathrooms, floors and for de-staining coffee cups. Mix 125 mL of De-Stainer #13 in 5 litres of cold tap water in a plastic container only. Apply this to surface. Rinse well. Bathroom, kitchen surfaces and floors: Apply diluted product with cloth or mop then rinse thoroughly. Tea/coffee cups: Soak tea & coffee cups in diluted product for one hour. Rinse well.

Infection control measures: for outbreaks, squirt directly onto a wet cleaning cloth, wipe down all surfaces with reference to infection control guidelines. DO NOT use to wipe fabrics of any kind including curtains, chairs, bedding or carpets. DO NOT SPRAY OR RINSE

Safety Directions
Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more information or consult your Chemform representative for further assistance.

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